Santa and his reindeer fly past a full moon on Christmas Eve! This 10" sign can be made one of two ways, or both ways... you're really able to make 2 signs from this one cut out. 


In the sample pictures, the white moon is glittered in irridescent moonlight with the back ground painted a deep midnight blue. The other sign is all the indivual cut outs with green trees, gold stars and a silhoutted Santa. If you would like to make both signs, you can purchase an additional 10" circle for $2.  It's a great option for gift giving!!


FOR FINISHED SIGNS: Please choose if you'd like the reverse (white moon with blue background) or cut out (green trees and gold stars). If you would like both versions finished that's an additional $10. 


PAINT INCLUDED OPTION: There is a listing that includes paint, a foam brush and a detail brush for an additional $3. You will still need basic supplies that could be: wood glue, decoupauge and glitter, painters tape, etc. 


If you would like to have paint and brushes, please go to that listing to add it to your cart. Colors can be chosen and may not be exactly as pictured as we are at the mercy of the craft stores to have paint in stock. 



Moonlight Flight Santa Sign