An adorable sign that's a perfect gift for you to make! Comes unfinished and includes: 5x7 plaque, buffalo check tissue paper to decoupage, 5" USA, two small wooden hearts, white paint and decoupage, along with a plate, brush and sponge. 




USA Hearts Connected

Step One

Decoupage the Background

Using the sponge, apply a thin layer of decoupage to the white plaque.

Carefully line up the tissue paper to the plaque, hover above make sure its lined up before pressing down.

Start at one side and lay the tissue paper down onto the decoupaged plaque.

Gently press the tissue paper down. You can gently pat the bubbles, but not too hard or it will rip.

Step Two

White wash the USA cutout

Dip your brush in the water, then dip the very end in the paint

Paint along the grain line

If the color is saturated add more water to thin out

If you want more color then add more paint

Step Three


Step Four

Sandpaper the edges

Once the decoupage is dry then take the sandpaper and gently rub the edges of the plaque to remove the excess tissue paper

I like to roll my sand paper slightly

Apply a thin layer of mod podge to the top of the tissue paper to seal it together

The tissue paper will have wrinkles and bumps…it’s totally fine! It’ll work out.

Step Five

Glue it all together!

State goes on the background

Glue the hearts over the area on the USA you’d like (I use Google to figure out where the states are)

Use a sharpie to dot a cute path between the hearts

Let it dry


USA Hearts Sign Kit

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