FIRST CrossFit Competition

I discovered CrossFit almost two years ago and it has changed my life, I would even say it has saved my life!

I had post partum depression after my third baby, I took medication to help but still struggled with anxiety even years later. I was at my heaviest weight ever and just not happy.

I started to exercise and eating right, discovered Whole30, did a round of that and began eating clean and working out at home to routines I found on YouTube. I lost 55 pounds before I got pregnant with my fourth child.

After I had Charlotte, I was determined to get my health back, lose weight and fight off post partum depression through exercise.

I was scared to death to go to my first CrossFit class just three months post partum, thinking that this was a sport for elite athletes. I suffered through the hardest workout I had ever done, I couldn't move my body for two days but there was a fire inside me that LOVED the fact that I did this really hard workout. I was HOOKED! CrossFit really is for everyone, every body type at every stage of their journey.

I then began working with a nutritional coach and a year into my CrossFit journey I was down another 30 lbs.

This is a one year difference of CrossFit and proper nutrition. I count macros (so I measure and weigh my food and have a certain budget of carbs, fat and protein).

Yes, on occasion I still have anxiety but it is nothing like I suffered through for years thanks to giving my body and mind what it needs through nutrition and great exercise! I'm a work in progress and cannot wait to see what this next year brings.

This past weekend, I had my first competition outside of my own gym. Girls Gone WOD 4 at Spark CrossFit in Phoenix with my partner, Ann! She was an amazing partner and I'm excited to do more competitions with her.

It was amazing to see athletes competing who were every size and level of "fit". Yes, there were elite athletes there and there were women who were at the start or middle of their fitness journeys. It was an amazing sight and the energy of everyone encouraging, cheering, congratulating all the competitors was electric.

CrossFit is about community and that's why I love it, why I've stuck with it for so long and why I see myself doing CrossFit until I'm a little old lady in a nursing home (and even then I'll still do advance geriatric CrossFit).

I'm open about my journey and happy to answer questions and help others. My fitness Instagram is @lolaisliftingit

Here are some pictures from my very first competition!! We finished in the middle of the pack, which I was happy about because there's definitely room for improvement.

Snatches are my nemesis... but at least my partner did the toes to bar

Assault bikes are the devil, it was my first time on one.

I used to like wall balls, not after just getting off the assault bike.

My amazing partner and the best judge! He was so encouraging!! We will be back to compete next time!!

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