Pandemic Market: Pinners Utah

Oh goodness... this may come as a rolling stream of consciousness... it's not even 7 am the day after Pinners Conference 2020 Utah... A huge thank you to the Pinners team (they are fabulous as always) and a big thank you to everyone who came and supported all the small business who were at Pinners this year.

I'm struggling hard this year. I have felt all the emotions as a mom, woman and micro business owner (my business is too tiny to be called small even). I am a people person, I love meeting and talking to people. I am a natural teacher, I love helping others see potential in themselves and to help others create. I am a hugger and empath. I am filled with anxiety and struggled with depression. I am who I am, I don't hide much and I generally let people take me or leave me.

So when the world shut down, it effected every aspect of my life. I am my best when I am doing in person events. I connect with people and those connections make my business successful. I feel like virtual things (even this blog) makes it so impersonal and takes away what we so very much need as humans: love and connection.

We all need a little normal back in our lives and HUGE props to Pinners Conference for giving us that. They worked their booties off complying with every mandate thrown at them, I felt that Pinners was "safer" then shopping in any regular store.

With it being done, it was a much needed event for a lot of people. Like I said, we NEED HUMAN CONNECTION, it is in our genetic make up as a species.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... GO OUT AT SUPPORT THE LOCAL MAKERS AND SHAKERS!!! I don't know, if I'm being honest, if it will be worth the stress and anxiety to keep my business going in 2021. I have the next 6 weeks of markets to really make that decision... Pinners Arizona is November 13 & 14 at Westworld in Scottsdale and then we will be at San Tan Village in Gilbert for back Friday weekend and the first two weekends in December.

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