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Catching Up...

Where did 2013 go?
I spent the year busy raising kiddos, painting furniture and sewing up a storm!
Here's the fam...we're all happy and healthy!
I wanted to highlight some pieces I've painted in the last year, you can see more on my Facebook page
Pantone 2014 color is Radiant Orchid (love this color) so I was inspired to start this New Year with a fun little piece...This is a custom mix of Chalk Paint®, decorative paint by Annie Sloan (I don't use anything else)

Check on Facebook to see if this desk is still available for sale.

This was a favorite dresser of mine to paint (a good friend bought her), she's Emperor's Silk Red and Graphite. 
This shabby little coffee table was painted in Provence and French Linen and a lovely French poem stenciled on the top.

Who doesn't love a curvy leg... This Rococo inspired table sits in my craft studio. Painted in Duck Egg Blue and sealed with General Finishes high performance polycrilic.

I love this dresser I did for my son's room. A map on the front then washed in Louis Blue and Provence.

A few sewing projects...
I made cute ruffle pillows for my home (refinished the chair in Old White, clear and dark wax)

And these ruffle bags are available in my etsy shop...

A thoroughly modern desk done in Emperor's Silk Red and dark wax...

And one my favorites from last year was this old singer sewing table we turned into a desk and painted in Provence and Old Ochre.
I'm looking forward to keeping my blog updated in 2014, but I'm on Facebook A LOT, so find me there.

Meeting New Orleans and Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Unfolded is the American based company in New Orleans responsible for bringing Chalk Paint to the USA! I was able to attend their conference this year and learn so much about business, Annie Sloan and painting!

I fell in love with New Orleans and Annie Sloan was an absolute delight!

The city was such a point of inspiration for me... the buildings, color, age, history!! LOVE!

I don't think a trip is complete without tasting local flavors... beignets are my favorite, but I also loved gumbo!

 I seriously cannot express how inspired I became after attending this conference and being able to glean and learn from Annie. I grew artistically and professionally and cannot wait to share my new found inspiration with you!
Thanks, Annie!!

Perfect Mother & Wife

Have you ever seen an episode of "Leave it to Beaver"?  I grew up wishing my home would be like that or thinking one day I would be that image of perfection Mrs. June Clever was...even now as my children argue over who will get to play the ipad I still dream of that perfect, harmonious home that I will never have.

Last week while I was out shopping I was wearing my new lace ruffle tote I had sewn a few days earlier. (Available in my etsy shop)

I had been given some compliments on it, but it was one lady's compliment (if you can call it that) that has had me really thinking these last few days...a girl who worked at the shop I was in stopped me and asked where I had gotten my bag, I told her I made it and she just was so nice about how pretty she thought it was. Another lady was walking past and commented that it was a very nice bag, asked if I had made it and I said yes.

She then replied, "I bet you make your children's Halloween costumes and throw them extravagant parties too?" I answered that I do make a lot of things and I enjoy throwing parties. She continued, "your one of those perfect women who cleans their immaculate house everyday and cooks dinner every night for your husband." The twinge of disgust in her voice wasn't hidden very well and I have to admit I was shocked. She then ended the conversation with "so glad some women have time to be perfect."

Yes, I do clean my house a little bit everyday but it is FAR from immaculate and I do cook just about every meal my family eats to save us money that needs to go to other things...I do sew a lot (again as a business for income and to save our family costs of buying things I have the ability to make) and I love a good party because I believe life should be celebrated!

However, my life is so far from perfection and who the heck wants to be perfect! I often find myself wishing for more hours in a day to accomplish more, clean more, run my business more, but as I've thought about my encounter with this woman I've realized how wrong I have been.

As my little family struggles along with my husband working his two jobs and me working and running a business, raising three overly energetic kidlets... I need to find joy in the journey, find the amazing moments in the imperfect life we have.

I'm often asked how I do it all and my standard reply is that I wish I had time to do more, but seriously I don't know how and I often find myself falling behind, wishing for perfection and knowing I will never achieve it. So, my advice to myself and to other women falling short of perfection is to slow down, enjoy the journey! Also, to the woman I encountered who helped me learn this lesson, Thank You and I hope you realize one day that no one is perfect, we're all fighting our own battles.

This adorable free printable from The Organised Housewife pretty much sums it up!
Thanks for listening to my ramblings...just had to get it out there :)

Blog Fail...

So I'm not the most awesome at updating and sharing all the crafty things I do here on my blog...BUT I have an obsession with Facebook (mostly because I can take care of it all right on my phone) :) I share everything on my page so check me out there, like our page and I'll be doing giveaways and more in the near future!

I promise I will be a better blogger when I don't have a job or three kids or a house to clean or a husband who works two jobs and goes to school...oi!

That makes me exhausted just thinking about all that...if you're a super awesome blogger, I'd love some tips on how you make it all work. I have so much to share with the world, if only there were more hours in a day, huh!

My ASCP Obsession

I have discovered the very best paint in the entire world!! I became a very lucky girl (and busy, hence the lack of posting here) when I discovered Chalk Paint®. I work at Wood Creations Furniture, here in Mesa, AZ and on Facebook at

The time it saves is amazing because no longer do we need to strip or prime or sand our furniture pieces before we refinish them. I simply paint, let it dry and seal it with a wax.

The number one question I receive is: How far does a quart of paint and a can of wax go? My usual answer is about 150 sq ft or two five to six drawer dressers. Today, I'm going to show you how many projects I was able to complete with one quart of French Linen...and these are all decent sized pieces.

The first one was this gorgeous TV stand, it measured 47" wide, 35" tall and 24" deep. We painted the outside in French Linen and sealed it with the dark wax.
 Then on the inside, I took pages from a complete works of Shakespeare that was falling apart and mod podged them. I loved the way this one turned out! The best part of this piece was we found it on the side of the road!!

The next piece we used paint from the same quart is this cute desk. It was originally this yellow laminate veneer over wood from the 1970s, again we found it and the dresser below for free from people moving from our neighborhood. It was well used and abused with sharpie all over and crayon and who know what else (but still super sturdy)...anyone would have thought it a lost cause, but I knew that chalk paint (tm) would save this piece!
The drawers got painted in Provence and let me tell you that painting drawers is way more work then you think it is!
Neutral on the outside with a pop of color on the inside (I think Annie Sloan would be proud).
The last piece we finished with the same quart of French Linen is this six drawer dresser.

We painted the drawers in Provence again to sell the desk and dresser as matching pieces. Then, it all got sealed in a clear wax.

 We did have a tiny amount of paint left over that we used to paint the top of this coffee table...we ended up having to dip into another can to do a second layer, but we started it with the original quart of French Linen!
All of the projects were each finished in a couple days and if I did have three little kidlets running around needing taken care of, it could have gone so much faster. We have done many other projects that I hope to blog about soon, when time permits, but until then do some research on this awesome paint and try a project for yourself.
We teach classes at Wood Creations Furniture, so look the store up and give us a ring to get you started on your own Chalk Paint journey!

If you're curious about Annie Sloan's line of chalkpaint you can find out more information at her website or to find a Chalk Paint Stockist near you go to Annie Sloan Unfolded. There are also a lot of tutorials on YouTube, just search Annie Sloan.

Here's another blog I love with a lot of information on Chalk Paint, including some awesome color recipes: 'Round the Coop