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Thank you for attending my class at Pinners this year! Here are a quick set of instructions in case you need to finish. If you need help reach out to me


IMG_0828 (1).jpeg

- Paint and assemble blocks first (you might need to put a weight on the blocks like a soup can hold blocks together) then once the numbers are painted, glue them onto the blocks.

- In order for you to add any number from 25 to 01, it is necessary that the numbers 0 & 1 & 2 be glued on each cube. You can glue the rest of the numbers in any order. It is important that the numbers 6 and 9 are the same, just rotate the block to have a 6 or a 9. 

- Paint the tree and set aside to dry. You can use white paint and do a dry brush technique to the top and make it look like snow. 

- To glue together, use wood glue. For small, delicate pieces, brush the glue on the back. You don’t need a whole lot to get a good hold. Be patient and let it dry.

- You can glue the stand into the top or not. If not glued, then you can store it more flatly. 


- Paint the moon layer, let dry then decoupage the snow and add white glitter

- Paint the Santa silhouette layer in all black, optional to paint the trees green and add dry brushed white to give a snowy look, let dry. 

- Paint the border red, let dry then decoupage red glitter once it has dried

- Optional to seal your glitter by either painting decoupage on top of the dried glitter or spray with hair spray!

- Glue the three layers together (moon, then Santa, then border) using wood glue. Line up the hole for the string to match. If there is a war to the wood, lay a heavy object on top of your piece to get it to dry flat.


- Add string or ribbon and hang up!

*To decoupage: layer a heavy coat of decoupage (or Mod Podge) onto your piece, sprinkle glitter on your piece over a plate. The plate will catch excess glitter which can be put back into the container.

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